Project Going North Map v 0.5.17 BETA

Tested on game version 1.6.x

What will you find in this mod:

North Dakota:
City of Beach along the I-94
Highway 16 from I-94 to Highway 68 (not overlays yet)

City of Sidney
City of Fairview

Next Update: (hopefully)
Highway 200 from Sidney to Circle
City of Circle
Highway 16 from Sidney to Glendive
City of Glendive at Montana

Note: Not overlays of Highways or freeways are included. The cities included have from 2 to three companies and they work with the rest of the map. You need Coast to Coast 2.0.2 of Mantrid, set PGW above C2C. Map has been tested with C2C and Project West and so far not invisible walls or crashes.


Test: This mod tested by
File Size: 79 MB / Rar
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