Menu Music – Remix Edition

Tested on game version 1.28.x

If you’d like to try something new for the menu music, then this mod may be for you! These are all SCS Software music remixed.

# Description

– Replaced 3 menu music tracks with 3 remixed tracks from German Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator.
– Replaced truck upgrade music with 1 remixed track from American Truck Simulator.
– Replaced 1 delivery finished track with 1 remixed track from German Truck Simulator.
– Replaced cutscene track with 1 remixed track from German Truck Simulator.
– Compatible with 1.28 game version. Goes great in conjunction with the Sound Fixes Pack!

# Credits

* SCS Software for music
* Drive Safely for remixing the music

# Official SCS forum link

The SCS Forum link below for Sound Fixes Pack holds all official download links and can be used to give feedback and ask any questions about the mod:

SCS Software, Drive Safely

Test: This mod tested by
File Size: 22 MB / Unknown
Download Menu Music – Remix Edition - Original Link

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