International 9800 Eagle [1.6.x]

Tested on game version 1.6.x


In this update:

Buy it at PETERBILT dealership.
Adaptation to 1.6.x ATS game version.
Changes in truck 3D model to improve FPS.
Changes in mirrors 3D models to improve FPS.
Fixed camera 4 position.
Added few exterior accessories.
Added cabin accessories locators.
Some dashboard controls fixed.
Some corrections in interior.
Fixed some truck and accessories shadows.
Added beacon.
New lights.
Corrections in chassis, axles and shock absorbers.
Clean gamelog. No warnings.
SiSL Megapack addon available.
Custom plate addon available.

Enjoy this. 🙂

CyrusTheVirus, Blinkman, SoftLab NSK, Ventures, SCS Software, Joe, slava1, Kriechbaum.

Test: This mod tested by
File Size: 44 MB / Scs
Download International 9800 Eagle [1.6.x]

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