Custom 2015 Reitnouer Maxmiser Update

Tested on game version 1.29.x

2015 Reitnouer Maxmiser Update.
-AO Baked
-Steer Axle Added
-Company paint job system added
-New cargo’s added
Curtain side (Improved)
-Lightmask added (All lights functional)
– New Variants
4 Axle Spread (Replaced 7 Axle)
4 Axle With Steer Axle
Spread Axle 53 Ft
And more!!!

Corby, Dro Modding, Kyle ATS, Dejon Wade, B4RT Modding

Test: This mod tested by
File Size: 38 MB / Rar
Download Custom 2015 Reitnouer Maxmiser Update -

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