Monthly Archive: February 2017

ats-kenworth-k100-bj-and-the-bear-skin 0

Updated BJ and the Bear K100 Skin and New Trailer

ATS Game Version: 1.5 Updated K100 BJ and the Bear skin. New trailer is a standalone that will also be seen in traffic. Graphics are a much higher resolution than previous skins. Credits: John Boyd,...

ats-mack-pinnacle-truck 0

Mack Pinnacle Truck

ATS Game Version: 1.5 – Peterbilt Gallery – Five cabins – Six chassis – Its interior for each type of cabin and two choices of finish – Their sound – Their engines and PPC...

foggy-weather 0

Foggy Weather V1.7.1 Lets Make America Foggy Again

Hello, after some time it’s time to release a new version Foggy Weather for ATS! 🙂 ——————————————————————————————————————————- MOD DESCRIPTION: Have enough from ever-sunny (and rarely rainy) weather? Wan’t more variety ingame? Something new? Something...

ats-matriculas-mexicanas-tuning 0

Matrículas mexicanas v 010 BETA

ATS Game Version: 1.5 It is a mod of Mexican plates and the models of the plates are manufactured by Solaris36 and adapted by Tavomex (miner96) and it contains the states of Jalisco, Sonora,...

ats-frosty-winter-realistic-night-lighting 0

Frosty Winter Realistic Night Lighting

ATS Game Version: 1.5 “Frosty Winter realistic Night lighting” v1.0 – fix for ATS “Frosty Winter Weather” mod v2.0 by GRIMES! This fix makes night lighting more realistic and little lighter! (from 6pm to...

ats-kenworth-k100-truck 0

Kenworth K100 Truck

ATS Game Version: 1.5 If you like this mod, you can support me and I will can make more and better mods. Kenworth K100 truck. Tested on: ATS 1.5.x. In this update: Buy it...

ats-kenworth-k100-dlc 0

Kenworth K100 DLCS Addon

ATS Game Version: 1.5 This mod adds compatibility on Kenworth K100 with: SiSL Megapack v2.5. SCS DLC’S Cabin accessories. SCS DLC’S Pirates (only cabin accessories). RELINK PROHIBITED. USE ONLY GENUINE LINK! Credits CyrusTheVirus, SiSL

ats-Improved-truck-physics 0

Improved Tuck Physics V1.9

ATS Game Version: 1.5 – Mod adds more realistic and hard physics for ATS trucks; – It is now more difficult to drive a truck, “feel” of the truck is increased; – Changed driver...

ats-fallen-flags-us-company-logos 0

Fallen Flags US Company Logos for ATS v1.5.3

ATS Game Version: 1.5 This pack contains 8 logos of US Trucking Companies that are no longer in operation. – Star Transport – Burlington Motor Carriers – Consolidated Freightways – Watkins Motor Lines –...