Monthly Archive: November 2016

traffic_mod_ats 0

Traffic Mod

ATS Game Version: 1.5 What I want from this mod: – more trucks – more cars – more traffic speed – dense traffic – not accidents – less police activity – less weigh stations...

water-reflection 0

Water Reflection

ATS Game Version: 1.5 Mod change look of Ocean and river (lake have same look)

kenworth_k108_truck_ats 0

Kenworth K108 Truck V2

ATS Game Version: 1.4 and 1.5 What’s New: – 3D interior. – Full of redesigned truck model – Zapechka on new technology – Template – Animation of the steering column, the steering universal joint,...

man_ayata_eclipse_bus 0

Man Ayats Eclipse Bus Mod

ATS Game Version: 1.5 Kenworth gallery. Only places the bus in the mod folder of the game enable you mod and